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Train to Teach Online for ICA with Zoom!

Train to Teach Online for ICA with Zoom!

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ICA has moved to Zoom Meeting Pro as an online class platform - and many new online classes will start soon. 

Don't be left out of these teaching opportunities! Train to teach for ICA with Zoom.

Training date: Tuesday, January 15

Time: 3-4 pm

Location: ICA conference room (bring your laptop!)


Come join us for an interactive demonstration of the teacher-friendly features of this webconferencing tool, which is similar in interface to Skype. You'll see how it's integrated into individual course sections on Moodle via a "plugin" that allows you, as the host, to access it anytime! 

Last but not least, you'll consider creative online teaching activities that take advantage of the unique e-learning tools found on Zoom.

Note: Please bring the device (laptop or tablet - preferably, laptop) that you plan to use to teach online!