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Moodle Upgrade Workshop

Moodle Upgrade Workshop

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Moodle is upgrading a week from tomorrow - Are you ready?

On December 18th at 5 pm, ICA will upgrade its Moodle site to a newer version, Moodle 3.5. Come and see what to expect!

Workshop: "Moodle is Upgrading: Are You Ready?"

Date: Wednesday, Dec. 12

Time: 3-4 pm

How to register: Register on the "Seminars, Webinars, and Workshops" page of Moodle

Description: In this workshop, you'll ...

  • Preview the look and feel of the new version of Moodle.
  • Learn where to find - and how to use - the navigation tools.
  • See how to use the new built-in video and audio recording feature for assignments, activities - and more! 

Questions? Contact Distance-Learning Coordinator and Instructional Designer Betsy Wong,